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soul conversations
connecting to presence — cultivating curiosity and authenticity 

Soul Conversations have emerged out of the need for my clients to connect to their heart and soul, to clarify or simplify their life, to realize their authentic self and connect to their individual spirituality in natural and practical ways.

No matter how our conversations start, what the overt or underlying issues are and the tools we use, we always reach a point of clarity and understanding. The 
sense of feeling stagnant, trapped or stuck is cleared up and the informations you need to move forward are gained by the end of our time together.

Some of the tools we use in our conversations are:

     • clinical meditation and imagery (CMI)
     • mindfulness awareness
soul conversation technic


     • drawing
     • expressive movement
      tarot readings

I believe that people are like gardens; they need good soil, nourishment, and the care of a committed and passionate gardener in order to flourish. Join me for a cup of tea, or a glass of water, and our Soul Conversation will unfold in its own special way.

I offer Soul Conversations in person, by phone or with Skype/Zoom. Sold individually and in 5-session packages, sliding scale available.

Contact me for fee information and/or to schedule a free informal phone or Skype conversation. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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