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When we can express 
and communicate "heartfully"

what we think and

who we are
we become free.

When we can listen

to other and
receive them
and curiosity

we become whole.

When we can do both
the world becomes home.

frequently asked questions


What is expression coaching?

Each individual has unique ways to live a fulfilling, creative, and heart-centered life. Expression coaching refers to the capacity to access and experience your personal creative intelligence—that which is within ourself yet connected to something greater—as a source of guidance to help you communicate and express yourself in a vibrant and heart-centerd life.


What makes you different from other coaches?

In my work I use the Huntington Method, a sensitive, respectul and powerful technique helping you connect and experience your creative intelligence. Of course I bring my international experience as a language teacher, health counselor, designer, artist, and poet, but mostly I bring my sensitivity, my knowledge and experience in overcomming my own communication struggles.


Does your work apply to a business environment?

When consulting for organizations I focus on cross-cultural communication and help gather information in complex situations to generate pathways to innovative solutions. Besides my coaching skills and methods, what makes me truly valuable are my 28 years of international experience in the fields of design, language, and cross-cultural communication, working and connecting with a wide range of people and cultures.


Who are your clients?

While the majority of my clients are self-employed and small-business owners, I have worked with artists, writers, teachers, physicists, computer experts, and corporation and government employees. All have a common denominator, they are individuals seeking to express and communicate heartfully and live their life with meaningfully and respectfully.


What is the best way to learn more and experience what you offer?

Contact me to schedule an informal phone or skype conversation. A direct contact is always best. Then, we'll meet in person...

For individuals: Our first session together will help you decide if I am the coach you are looking for.

For businesses: It will be my pleasure to meet you at your office for an informal meeting and see if what I offer is what will best serve your needs.



One on the past participants said: Claude’s voice is soothing and healing, as it is deep, gentle and beautiful. I found her to be very intuitive and felt trusting of her, therefore free to enter a deep meditation state. When I left, I felt hopeful, very positive and cleansed.

I believe that to embrace all aspects of our life and of our self with curiosity and vibrancy we need to create the space for it inside our own self. In my Soul Conversation sessions we declutter your inner-space so that you can learn to communicate the truth of your heart from a state of presence.

Together we explore:

      Communication with other

      Communication with self

      Reciprocity and mutuality

      Building trust and boundaries

     • Empathy, compassion and forgiveness

To learn to show up for yourself, for your life, and for your relationships with peace and authenticity and to connect and communicate honestly and heartfully is the door to your inner freedom. To learn to do that with joy, creativity and curiosity makes the process simply easier and more graceful. It is my pleasure and privilege to help you clean your soul through the experience of presence and aliveness. 


french testimonials


                          Taking French classes with Claude is a whole lot more

                          than just learning French. First off she is a delightful

                          person, full of fun and energy. She always starts

                          stimulating and thoughtful discussions, then there is

                          the homework, always on a wonderfully challenging and evocative subject. I honestly never dreamed I could write the things I have written, never mind in French, and each week I find myself so thoroughly nourished by this creative writing process. I continue to be amazed at how far I've come, and how learning this language in the way Claude teaches it has added a deep and soulful dimension to how I perceive the life around me. The decision to work with Claude has been one of the best and most enriching things I have ever done for myself. I highly recommend her classes—they are a truly fabulous adventure that is the highlight of my week.
— Karen Clothier,



                           Claude Convers is a natural born teacher. She radiates
                           enthusiasm and brings a kind of infectious joy to her    
                           work. Under Claude’s skillful direction her classes
                           become wide-ranging and thoroughly engaging
                           conversations. The wonder is that one soon finds oneself intelligently discussing all manner of topics en français. Her classes thus go well beyond excellent language instruction to become explorations of the world we live in, of ourselves, and of our roles in the world.

— James Ransom, Professor Emeritus Haverford College



Claude Convers made learning French fun! She is patient, intelligent, and a terrific conversationalist. Every class was exciting because we talked about the things that mattered to me personally. After just a few months of practice, I was able to speak conversational French that allowed me to connect with people in my travels through central Africa and, at my return, to give a public presentation in French about that experience. I can’t recommend Claude highly enough.
Michael S., Author



                         Two years ago, before I began studying French with Ms.
                         Convers, my vocabulary was limited to merci and
Now, I have not achieved fluency, but on a
                         recent trip to Paris discovered that, thanks to my
                         studies, I was conversant and completely unafraid
to use my new found but modest linguistic skills
to approach even the most haughty of Parisiens.  And they adore Americans who attempt to speak their language!  

— Richard Connerty, aka Monsieur Ganache



                         French class with Claude is the perfect mix of fun and
My language skills continuously improve, yet
                         the sessions never feel like work. It’s the same every
                         week: we look at the clock and discover class time has
                         flown by.
Thanks to Claude, my writing, comprehension and conversational skills are at levels I only once dreamed.

— Nadine Donovan, Author of "Malky Joe and the Great Cruise Caper”



                         Claude is a result oriented professional whose method
                         creates lively conversations making French seem
                         effortless. She has fine-tuned my spoken, reading, and
                         written French.
I recommend Claude to anyone who
                         truly wants to open his or her horizons and enjoy learning the French language.

— Arlene Ori, Tour Guide



                         During my three years of lessons with Claude my

                         French has improved a great deal. I find that these
                         weekly sessions have just the right mix of conversation
                         and composition. I look forward to each one.

                         — Fred Ribe, Retired Physicist



Claude’s style of teaching encourages you not just to speak and write in French, but also to think, reflect and explore in French. Her curiosity and energy are contagious—I couldn’t have imagined that improving my French would be this stimulating and this much fun.

— Valerie Percy, Speech Therapist



Claude’s method of teaching brings the events on one’s daily life and the study of French together in a natural way. She guides her students to progress in a comfortable and flexible environment, often allowing spontaneous exchanges to move the conversation’s direction. The writing assignments are always thought provoking. They can be delightfully revealing and are a great help in developing French skills. Working with her is a very gratifying experience.

— Tim Brennan, Furniture Restoration



With her gentle, intelligent, emotive, sweeping approach to French, Claude has brought me to a fine summit of language knowledge. In a year, I have learned more French than in all of junior high and high school. Merci bien, Claude!

— Sparrow, Poet, Writer, Activist



I will use some French words to describe Claude as a teacher—fantastique and extraordinaire! Every Tuesday evening I sit at her table and converse with classmates as if I were chez des amis à Paris. Claude is an imaginative teacher who uses a variety of tools to launch creative conversation among her students. She is sensitive and gentle, yet never misses an error and is constant in her corrections. Each week she presents me with new challenges, and each week I respond, eagerly. I will always be thankful to Claude for bringing out the best in me.

— Catherine Glass, Cuisinière Cordon Bleu



Claude Convers teaches French the way she lives life—with wonderful, contagious enthusiasm, and clear, perceptive intelligence. She cares for and respects deeply each one of her students. I love to be in our four-person group because each moment engages and challenges. The class is interactive through discussion, and reading aloud the written pieces we have prepared on thought-provoking topics of her choice. In a relatively short time, all of us have made considerable progress. Learning French with Claude is a revitalizing, rewarding experience!

— Marilyn Reynolds, Artist and Program Director


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