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Tea with milk and sugar

in a tall glass at the kitchen table

on a rainy afternoon

she had hers in a mug

always the same mug

I had my grandfather’s glass

he didn’t drink tea with us

he slept in front of the TV

she was already little

I never was tall

I liked the smell of boiling water

I took the sugar from the pantry

I watched her raise her arm

to fetch the glass and the mug

we used the same tea bag

we both liked our tea weak

we never really talked

we read together

we played cards

the milk and sugar

covered the taste of tea

it was sweet and warming

just like her

I don’t put sugar or milk

in my tea anymore

I can do nothing

but miss her

poetry offerings


If you wish to see the heart of your loved-one swell with the pure grace of your love and recognition, if you want to celebrate a family member at an important stage of his or her life, or if you are grieving the loss of someone dear and special, the gift of poetry is one of the most memorable and heart opening one you can offer them and yourself.

Live Poetry-Note Sessions, Poetry Readings and Custom Gift Poems
for every occasions:

     • weddings
     • birthdays
     • anniversaries
     • graduations
     • memorial services
     • parties, celebrations, and special events

Live Poetry-Note Sessions
Enjoy having a poet—in person—writing short note-poems for anyone present at your special event. This is the way to bring curiosity, fun and delight to everyone!


Custom Poetry Readings
Wanting to add meaning and magic at your event? My 20-45 minutes Custom Poetry Reading transport your guests on a journey of words and imagery leaving everyone's heart and soul enriched and fulfilled.


Custom Gift Poems
After an comprehensive in-person or phone conversation, I will write a unique, meaningful, and personal poem tailored to your specific needs. The process to reach the final text is refreshing, profound, and fulfilling and will leave you with a timeless gift.


I look forward to connecting with you and find the words you hope to find beyond the words.



     Poetry Fees

     Fees vary depending on services; please contact me for more information.


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