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how coaching, language, art, and poetry all fit together

You might wonder why certain people can't do or offer only one thing... yes, it would make things much easier. However if you understand why, you will relate to what I write. The truth while complex is fairly easy. As a human being, no one think of him or herself as just a face, or just a pair of legs, or just a right toe. We all are much more than just a body part, a body or what we might think we are. As a coach, a language teacher, an artist, and a poet, my work is one and the same using different mediums. Why you might ask? I just can't split myself. My work as a coach helps you connect to your creative intelligence and discover, integrate, and express who you are in the world, my work as a teacher is the same using the French language to expand aspects of your brain you would never use otherwise and getting to have your own writing voice in French, as an artist and as a poet you see the result of my own tangible practice of discovery, integration, and expression. We all need to bring to the world what we can do best, be who we are as a whole. And being whole means that we are split, frazzled, happy, disconnected, talented, depressed, optimistic or pessimistic, patient or not. At the end of the day, the person you live with the most is you, and it is who we need to learn to become, the whole of who we are. It is why I can’t give you one thing only... I hope you don’t mind :-) Wishing you a glorious discovery (and no I never said it was easy) À bientôt, Claude

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