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My tarot reading with Claude was just what I needed! Claude reflected my past, present and future through the cards in a way that both calmed and inspired me. I felt safe, seen, supported and curious. I also gleaned information about my current blind spots and how to work with my tendency to be overly anxious in a nonjudgmental way, trusting myself more and more as I go forward. I refer to the reading (I recorded it) and it reminds me of how calm and inspired I felt while sitting with Claude. For a deep and helpful tarot reading that supports you in achieving your vision Claude is the best!

— Megan Radesky, Oakland, CA

I recently had the engaging experience of a tarot reading with Claude. I have had a few tarot readings from others in the past, but none quite as profound as the one with Claude. She asked me what I had wanted to focus on and I chose a question about how to deal with the circumstance of challenging relationships within my family of origin. As she presented what each card represented, I felt warmly held in a safe space, able to listen to her explanations as well as mull over in my own mind what the possibilities for meaning were. I particularly enjoyed the compassion and care in which Claude related the interpretations. I felt the space to reflect on the ideas she shared. When the cards were complete, Claude checked in to see if I had any questions. I felt such joy and stayed in a sweetly mindful state for the rest of the evening. Even though the reading touches upon both the past and the future, I felt embedded in the present moment with the assurance that the path I am on with my family was just right. I felt Claude mirrored the security and curiosity I needed for hearing the insights. I highly recommend her tarot readings; she will bring you encouragement and comfort.

— Carol Renee, Berkeley, CA

Claude is an intuitive and creative coach with an excellent business sense and a very organized mind. Making critical business decisions is hard; working with Claude immediately resolves those internal struggles. She asks great questions, makes excellent observations, and goes to the root of the problem. Each time I leave a session I feel that we were right on! Working with Claude is fantastic. I absolutely recommend her.

— James Jordan, Business Owner, Oakland, CA



Claude helped me clarify my vision for my business and the steps I needed to
take at an important juncture. She listened well.
Her input was clear and carefully considered. My business is now thriving after I took the steps to correct what wasn't working. I would recommend Claude without reservation.

— Adair Ferdon, Business Owner, Santa Fe, NM



Claude Convers offers sensitive and skillful counsel. My session focused on how best to work on a solo performance piece I am developing. As we talked, she reflected back to me some great ideas I didn't know I already had. We did a wonderful imagery meditation, which I continue to use for clarity in my creative life, and I left the session with a renewed enthusiasm. I highly recommend Claude's work for anyone seeking a way out of confusion, self-doubt or another view of a situation.

— Jeannie Lupton, Writer/Perfomer, Berkeley, CA



Claude’s voice is soothing and healing, as it is deep, gentle and beautiful. I found her to be very intuitive and felt trusting of her, therefore free to enter a deep meditation state. I would recommend Claude to anyone in need of a sensitive guide.

— Gordana Jelisijevic, New York, NY



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