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“The connection between creativity and business success is very important, yet it’s often overlooked. Business people tend to think of what they do as being very organized and strategic. Of course it should be, but businesses cannot succeed, especially under modern competitive conditions, without innovation. And innovation depends on creativity. Creativity is the front end of a process that ideally will result in innovation.”

Daniel Goleman

relational communication consulting


When good communication fails, most everything else fail. My specialty is to help resolve relational and organizational communication challenges and increase creativity, clarity and stimulation in the work environment.


I help you:

   • Navigate emotionally complex dynamics with sensitivity

   • Resolve communication challenges with integrity

   • Overcome cross-cultural gaps with grace and consideration

   • Make decisions based on clarity, discernment, and practicality

   • Reduce stress and confusion

   • Increase interconnectedness and well-being among coworkers


For many companies the first step needed to achieve innovative and meaningful success is to bring together communication and creativity with practicality and discernment. I am here to help you make decisions aligned to your values, communicate mindfully, and create a work environment where individual, professional, and business needs come together to succeed.

It is my privilege to help you create and live in a better world.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.



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