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Psychosynthesis Business Coaching

bringing more ease, clarity, growth and prosperity into your business

Welcome! I am delighted to meet you and before continuing, I'd like to invite to relax for a moment... Independent of your current situation, there is a solution. I most likely have been there before, and maybe so do you. So, feel free to take a break for a moment because, as Dov Seidman says: When you press the pause button on a machine, it stops. But when you press the pause button on a human being, it starts.  

I work with small- and large-business owner as well as with executives to find the right thing to do and the right words to say. Doing and saying the right thing is different with each situation, but there is one commonality: values and actions based in integrity, honesty and humanness. And this is where I step in, I am here to help you...


• clarify your business directions and choices

align your goals with your values in practical ways

communicate with more ease, compassion and clarity
• learn to relax independent of the external situation 
create more rewarding business relationships

blossom and prosper on all fronts

What is Psychosynthesis Business Coaching

I also used Psychosynthesis in the advertising, fashion and financial industry. In those areas it helps resolve internal and external conflicts, it brought together creative and practical solutions in a ways that were cost effective, and in facilitated clarity in complex situations, go beyond individual limitations and both personal and .


What Can I Expect During a Session With Clinical Imagery?

In a typical session we speak first about what is on your mind or about a pre-establish issue. At some point, we’ll stop talking, you will close your eyes (or lower them) and our imagery process will begin. Of course, you will be able to open your eyes at any time if you feel the need to. At the end of the imagery process you will have had an experience relevant to your situation and have received meaningful and practical information allowing to move on quickly toward the changes you are wishing for.

• Clarification of Company Values

Stress and Anxiety
Communication Strategy
• Adjusting to Fluctuation

• Crisis Management

• Relationship to Finance
• Creative Solutions
• Plan Actualisation Support

My business area of expertise are:

I look forward to speaking with you soon

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Sessions are offered
in person, by phone, Skype, or FaceTime

Rubber Plant

Two 45-minute sessions a month

Email/text support between sessions

Two 15-minute support calls
between sessions


Additional sessions at 20% discount

business package
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