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Artist Statement

My search is to achieve balance and happiness through change and movement. In my artwork it manifests itself in the search for a perfect line flowing effortlessly from my arm, in colors reaching harmony, and in the satisfaction of surprising myself in the exploration process. Through colors I can give shapes to my emotions and the realm of the unconscious, while in lines I find an anchor in practical reality, my attempt to contain and redirect energy.


In drawing the body I find the universe, always the same, always changing, always to be rediscovered. In my abstract pieces the work itself becomes the body in its most intricate form, the one beyond my understanding, the one I yearn to find and realize again and again.


My process is about daring to be in the world in the present moment and uncovering the many faces of humanness. The resulting artwork becomes the witness of this interaction. My hope is to transmit to the viewer the sense of surprise and the fleeting moments of joy and fulfillment I found during my process.

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