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Psychosynthesis Life Coaching

connecting to presence — learning the language of your soul

Welcome! If you wish, feel free to take a break and relax for a moment. I am delighted to meet you... maybe you are here because you feel stuck or are unhappy with your life, or you might have a hard time reconnecting with your Self. Maybe feel hopeless because you've tried almost everything and still feel hopeless, or maybe you are here to look for a supportive guide to help you make the deep and lasting changes you are looking for. Reaching out for support is a sign of courage, I am here to help you...


• clarify your purposes, directions and choices

• learn to connect and relate to your Higher Unconscious

• be present for yourself and your feelings 

develop trust and intimacy in your relationships

reduce fear and anxiety and increase ease in your life

communicate from your authentic self

What I offer as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach


Of course, as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach, I help you focus on your goals and develop practical actions to achieve them. And, just as important, I also teach you how to connect to and experience your transpersonal nature (your Higher Self) to make it your ally. It means that during our sessions we use Psychosynthesis methodologies and clinical imagery, one of my specialties, to get to clarity and deeper personal understanding that will help you move on quickly into your life. Clinical imagery allows for profound experiences and practical answers that are unique to you and are key to your blossoming process.

Psychosynthesis facilitates the connection to the soul while clinical imagery is the language your unconscious uses to communicate with your conscious self. It means that during the process of facing your challenges and attaining your goals, you learn to integrate the language of your unconscious. Over a short period of time, you'll experience more ease and clarity and feel more aligned to the flow of life. This sense of ease and curiosity is in itself life changing. For more information about my methodology, visit my approach page.

In my sessions we address...

• Life Transition
• Stress & Anxiety
• Communication
• Relationships
• Inner Child Work

• Psycho-Energetic
• Creative and Self-Expression

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Six 50-minute sessions
2 emails/texts support
between sessions

Sessions are offered in person, by phone, with Skype or Zoom.

Sliding scale available. Just ask!

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