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Dante Door

Group Coaching

In our committed series, we explore the universal themes found in Dante's Devine Comedy and how they support and/or limit our thoughts, behaviors and understanding in our daily life.

During those sessions, we'll use clinical imagery, art, writing, movement and Psychosynthesis to access our transpersonal nature and to explore and give shape to our humanness and creative expression. You can expect to be nurtured and inspired by the group creativity and connection, and to gain insights pertinent to your Self and your life that will never cease to amaze you.

In this course you will...
. Have safe and nurturing space to share of your Self
. Connect to the gentleness of your transpersonal nature

. Define your strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them

. Express yourself in profound and meaningful ways
. Give tangible shape to your insights and wisdom
Explore Dante's path to enlightenment 

. Have fun and many laughter and ahah moments

Coming up in the fall 2024

Let me know that you are interested and I'll keep you informed.

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