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My Coaching Approach

I believe that gentleness achieves more than force, especially when it comes to integrating deep and long-lasting changes. In my coaching practice, both for life and business coaching, I use Psychosynthesis as my guiding principle. This choice emerged not only out of my own experience but also because of the results I've witnessed.

What is Psychosynthesis?

Created by Roberto Assagioli in the early 20st century, Psychosynthesis is a transpersonal and life affirming approach to psychology that helps people grow and expand into their human potential and their true Self. This flexible and open-ended approach furthers the development of trust and harmony in the relationships we have with our Self, with others, with our environment and the situations we encounter in life, and with our Higher Self (also called Higher Power, Inner Compass, Guiding Wisdom, etc.). Simply said, Psychosynthesis connects us to our heart and soul and helps us live our life with more balance, clarity, joy and discernment. 

Psychosynthesis is a generous philosophy allowing for endless applications. It has the unique capacity to be integrated in all aspects of our life (personal, social, work, business, etc.) without conflicting with any other modality, more so, it adds depth, clarity and goodness to what is already present. For many years I've used Psychosynthesis in my work as a French coach and teacher. It helped my clients integrate the language in an organic way, while expanding their curiosity and creativity. But also it was instrumental in helping them overcome the fears, anxiety, perfectionism, stress and other challenges arising out of learning a foreign language. Addressing challenging issues in this particular context allowed the language to create a buffer while the benefices of the experience could expand into all aspects of my clients life.

My Favorite Coaching Tool: Clinical Imagery

While there are many tools used in Psychosynthesis (meditation, creativity, movement, drawing, writing, Gestalt, symbolism, and the development of the will and intuition among others) clinical imagery is my favorite one. Clinical imagery in itself is the way our brain naturally processes and communicates informations in a visual, auditory, sensory and/or kinesthetic way, but more so, it is the language your unconscious uses to speak to you.


A clinical imagery experience could be described as a gentle psychedelic journey. Unlike a psychedelic journey you do not take drug and you are completely in control of yourself during the whole time. Like a psychedelic journey, while much shorter in time, your experience feels timeless yet relevant to the present moment, and you are getting “images” and meaningful information that are pertinent, impactful and life-changing on the long term. It is why I love clinical imagery! Because those experiences are relevant specifically to you and to your situation, and because, when integrated, it becomes a natural part of your life...without drug needed. 

When I was exposed to Psychosynthesis and clinical imagery for the first time in the mid-90s, it opened my eyes to a whole new understanding of what life could be about. More specifically, it taught me how to manage the difficulties I was facing and how to make choices and live my life based on my personal values, hopes and dreams. In addition, it gave me the tools to create a life I could have barely imagine at the time, it lead me to more fulfilling relationships and helped me heal past traumas and process new ones quicker. 

What You Can Expect During a Session Using Clinical Imagery

In a typical session we speak about what is on your mind or about a pre-established issue. At some point, we stop talking, you close your eyes (or lower them) and our clinical imagery process begins. Of course, you will be able to open your eyes at any time if you feel the need to. By the end of the process you have had an experience relevant to your situation and you will have received meaningful, clear and practical information that you'll be able to use to move on toward the changes you are wishing for in your life.


It is my privilege to helping you blossom into more. Connect with me anytime for a free introductory session.

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