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Books About Psychosynthesis

The books bellow have been written about Psychosynthesis or/and by Psychosynthesis practitioners.

• Psychosynthesis  —  Roberto Assagioli
• The Act of Will  —  Roberto Assagioli (you can download it for free here) 
• Freedom in Jail  —  Roberto Assagioli
• What We Might Be  —  Piero Ferrucci 
• Healing Addiction  —  Richard Schaub Ph.D. & Bonney Gulino Schaub R.N.

• Dante's Path  —  Richard Schaub Ph.D. & Bonney Gulino Schaub R.N.
• The End of Fear  —  Richard Schaub Ph.D. & Bonney Gulino Schaub R.N.
• The Call of Self
  —  Edited by Didi Fireman


Additional Reading

Those books, while not about Psychosynthesis, are informative, inspiring and useful to anyone interested in personal development. Some of them are old, some very resent, and while this list could be much longer, I hope it will be useful.

• Memories, Dreams, Reflections  —  C. J. Jung edited by Angela Jaffé
• The Language Your Body Speaks  —  Ellen Meredith

• The Gift  —  Hafiz, translation by Daniel Ladinsky

• The Dance of Intimacy  —  Harriet Lerner

• The Dance of Anger  —  Harriet Lerner
• Anam Cara
  —  John O'Donohue
• Transforming your Dragons  
—  José Luis Stevens
• Healing Words
  —  Larry Dossey
• Nonviolent Communication
  —  Marshall B. Rosenberg
• Say What You Mean  —  Oren Jay Sofer
• Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma  —  Peter Levine

Facing Codependence  —  Pia Mellody

• Facing Love Addiction  —  Pia Mellody

• The Path of Least Resistance  —  Robert Fritz

• Wired for Love  —  Stan Tatkin
• The Assertive Woman
  —  Stanlee Phelps & Nancy Austin
• Boundary Boss  —  
Terri Cole

Psychosynthesis Associations Websites

Those are great sites for information and resources about Psychosynthesis.

AAP  —  Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis
EPA  —  European Psychosynthesis Association

EFPP  —  European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy

Casa Assagioli  —  Instituto di Psicosintesi

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.
— Rabindranath Tagore

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