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What People Are Saying...

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Claude’s imagery work blew my mind. But maybe more importantly, it softened my heart. She met me exactly where I was and cleared through my emotions, so artfully and lovingly, to get to what was underneath. She seems to have a mastery of the unseen world. She helped me understand what was bogging me down and also what lifted me up around a core desire I wanted to make progress towards. In our session, I received a message and Claude helped me remember it in a way I will never forget and can always reconnect with easily. Claude’s experience, expertise, and understanding is truly masterful. I felt held and cared for, loved and emboldened. I often think something so powerful shouldn’t feel so gentle, but it is. I recommend Claude to anyone going through a change or navigating something they don’t have a map for, to go to the deepest place where the gentler message can change everything. Thank you, Claude, you are truly a gift.

Ajooni Sethi — Chicago, IL

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Claude truly has a gift! She so gently and beautifully guided me through a journey helping me to find my inner truth and wisdom. Only a brief first session on procrastination around health issue, yet it sparked so much inspiration and exploration, and created a new flow in my life. Thank you, Claude. Forever grateful.

Thomas Vogl — San Rafael, CA

Karen Clothier, Claude Convers Student at Bay Area French Lessons

I continue to be amazed, the way Claude teaches has added a deep and soulful dimension to how I perceive the life around me. The decision to work with Claude has been one of the best and most enriching things I have ever done for myself. I highly recommend her classes—they are a truly fabulous adventure that is the highlight of my week.

Karen Clothier  —

In the short time I worked with Claude I had incredible experiences. She was simply inspiring. Her love of the work seeps from her every pore. She was a very calm presence and helped me very quickly get through all my resistance to this type of work. She helped me develop tools that will stay with me for a long time to come. 


Elisa Lewak  —  Oakland, CA


I came to Claude with a book of poetry I had been working on for several years. There were several discussions along the way, as my answers to her questions generated new insight for me into my own understanding of the images that my writing projects. Working with Claude was a time of personal growth for me, far more than a structural transformation between one language and another, but a true dialogue through which one language might say to another, that there is, I think, another way to looking at your words. I am overjoyed with what we have done together.

John Ashbaugh  —  Artist, Writer, Educator, Eugene, OR 

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Claude is an intuitive and creative coach with an excellent business sense and a very organized mind. Making critical business decisions is hard; working with Claude immediately resolves those internal struggles. She asks great questions, makes excellent observations, and goes to the root of the problem. Each time I leave a session I feel that we were right on! Working with Claude is fantastic. I absolutely recommend her.


James Jordan  —  Business Owner, Oakland, CA

Claude helped me clarify my vision for my business and the steps I needed to
take at an important juncture. She listened well. Her input was clear and carefully considered. My business is now thriving after I took the steps to correct what wasn't working. I would recommend Claude without reservation.

Adair Ferdon  —  Business Owner, Santa Fe, NM

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Claude Convers offers sensitive and skillful counsel. My session focused on how best to work on a solo performance piece I am developing. As we talked, she reflected back to me some great ideas I didn't know I already had. We did a wonderful imagery meditation, which I continue to use for clarity in my creative life, and I left the session with a renewed enthusiasm. I highly recommend Claude's work for anyone seeking a way out of confusion, self-doubt or another view of a situation.

Jeannie Lupton  —  Writer & Performer, Berkeley, CA  —  We miss you Jeannie, R.I.P

Claude’s voice is soothing and healing, as it is deep, gentle and beautiful. I found her to be very intuitive and felt trusting of her, therefore free to enter deep meditation states. I would recommend Claude to anyone in need of a sensitive guide.

Gordana Jelisijevic  —  New York, NY

Dear Claude, what a wonderful workshop. Your personal honesty, your open creativity, your gentle, welcoming demeanor, all served your students to help them relax and create within and without. I found the imagery technique to be more productive than traditional therapy. I came upon answers and directions pertinent to my daily life and my aspirations that I could really use to “get on” with in my life. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be lead by you. 

Tammy Burstein  —  5Rhythms® Teacher, NY

Trust your soul, not your personality.
— Roberto Assagioli

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