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Written Words

French is my first language, German my second, and English my third. When I began to write poetry in English, it gave me the freedom to make mistakes and explore the language without many expectations. It also gave me the detachment I needed to speak about certain things harder to connect to in my native or second language.

For a long time the words I chose and my grammar were often incorrect, and sometimes still are, yet strangely, those "mistakes" often turn into wonderful creative slips.

What quickly became evident was the need to listen to my own words and understand what was really said underneath. Writing became a personal exploration and helped me express different aspects of myself while clarifying my understanding and perception of the world.

Expressing one's self is very important and, just as important is what we want to convey to others, and how we do that. The moment I understood how those aspects were equally important was pivotal. It is when the work of writing, discovering and expressing became the work of inquiry, sharing, and communicating while listening to the truth on both sides of the words.

From the depth of my tears
pearls are raising.
How many do you need to make a necklace?


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Where Have You Been? was my first song.
It would have never find its voice without the musical composition from Jason Reeder.
May you enjoy!

Where Have You Been?Claude Convers
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