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Poetry Note Session at Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore, Berkeley, CA — 2015



Where Have You Been? is my first song. It would have never find its voice without the musical composition from Jason Reeder. May you enjoy!


Where Have You Been? - Claude Convers / Jason Reeder
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French is my first language, German my second, and English my third. When I began to write poetry in English, it gave me the freedom to make mistakes and explore the language without many expectations. It also gave me the detachment I needed to speak of certain things. Now, writing in English allows me to dive in a non-cerebral place from which my true voice can emerge, where I can discover what is meant and what is said.  I often don’t understand what I write in English when I read it for the first time, but when I begin my editing process, the gift of a new world is revealed to me.


Selected Poems, click on the title to read and listen:


     My Grandmother's Ring


     On The Path To Ramana's Caves






"Feet Between Worlds" chapbook reading — 2015

Poetry Reading accompanied by Conrad Gillenwater at the guitare — 2014


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