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clarify your purposes, directions and choices

communicate from your authentic Self
achieve your goals with grace
relax and increase ease and harmony in your life
develop trust and personal intimacy in your 
blossom into your true Self
be present in your life independent of circumstances 

Claude Convers, French Teacher Statement

because the authentic Self is the common denominator. When we feel scattered, stressed, depressed or overwhelmed by everything, the one thing we need to reconnect to is the authentic Self.

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If your idea of exploration is to go deep within yourself with the use of transpersonal experience, have meaningful exchanges and be inspired by everybody's input, those sessions are for you.

During our series of six sessions we explore universal themes and how they support and/or limite your thoughts, behaviors and understanding in your daily life.

You will have the space to express and share of yourself in profound and meaningful ways, you will be nurtured by creativity and connection, you most likely will laugh and you will gain insights pertinent to your Self that will never cease to amaze you


In this course you will...
. Connect to your transpersonal Self

. Explore to Dante's path to enlightenment 

. Define your strength and weaknesses and how to work withthem

. Give tangible shape to your insights

. Share of your Self in a safe and nurturing space

. Express your creative nature

. Blossom into your Self




No group sessions are currently offered. Let me know you are interested and I'll be happy to inform you as soon as we'll start again.

The experience is the teacher, when you understand something in your inner knowing, it is hard to go back to your old way of being.

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life coaching offers

One 50-minute session


Five 50-minute sessions

Five 30-minute sessions


+ 1-2 email/text support
between sessions

individual packages

1 session of 50-minute


5 sessions of 50-minute

8 sessions of 30-minute


+ Email and/or text support
between sessions

business package
Rubber Plant

Two 45-minute sessions
a month

Email/text support
between sessions

Two 15-minute support
calls between sessions


Additional sessions
at 20% discount

Traditional Psychosynthesis Egg Diagram
1. The Lower Unconscious

2. The Middle Unconscious

3. The Higher Unconscious or Superconscious

4. The Field of Consciousness

5. The Conscious Self or "I"

6. The Higher Self

7. The Collective Unconscious

AOW Star Diagram .jpg

The Personal Functions (PF) that you can see on the diagram on the right, are the different ways we respond to everything. While we generally have one or two PF that are dominant, all those functions are inside of us. They could be described as the pen drawing the imagery or as the languages our Self, or Higher Self, uses to give us information from the unconscious and brings an understanding of what we experience. In some way those Personal Functions are a translator helping us forming clarity about our unconscious understanding. They are our greatest tools to make decisions.


By working with Psychosynthesis you will learn more about those concepts and integrate them in a very organic and natural way. If you wish for more ressource and information on the structure and applications of Psychosynthesis, feel free to visit my resources page.

Thanks for submitting!

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Six 50-minute sessions
1-2 email/text support
between sessions

other offers

One 50-minute sessions


25-minute sessions
available for established

Do you love to learn French but know that it can be more than just learning a language? If yes, my coaching sessions are for you... those sessions will feed your soul, give you tools, clarity and understandings to integrate in all aspects of your life. But be careful it is so much fun that it could change your life.

No matter your French level, you'll quickly learn to connect to your authentic self and explore your creativity while integrating the French language in your own unique way. The methodology used in our sessions has been developed over two decades as a path to connect deeply to human's innate joyful, curious and expansive nature. While learning and evolving at your own pace, you'll soon find yourself with an increasing sense of calm, curiosity, vitality and expansion... while continuously improving communicating en français !

In addition to regular French lessons you will learn to

Express what you think with confidence

Connect with your creativity and intuition

Expand your state of presence, joy and awareness
Give voice to all aspects of yourself 
Clarify your thoughts, ideas and intentions
Develop your communication skills 

Establish a practice of curiosity and expansion

Integrate French in your everyday life joyfully

Why you really want to do that...

We all know that our brain is very important, just as much as is our body. As we 

Modalities use in addition to French teaching methodology are:

Clinical Meditation and Imagery (CMI), Psychosynthesis, Soul Conversations, Mindful awareness, Active listening, Creative writing, Drawing, Expressive movement, Reiki, Tarot cards

I believe that each person has the right to blossom into their own self and fully embrace their own life... in any languages. I look forward to guiding and supporting you on this journey, and to allow our sessions to unfold in their own special ways.

Contact me any time to schedule an informal 20-minute phone or Zoom conversation. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


À bientôt !


Creatively French Package: 

Five 45-minute sessions — $750
Sessions offered in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom. ​

To speak and write in a foreign language can create the space for the presence, openness, and joyful exploration we need to look at life and experience ourselves differently. In my classes, you will have the space to express and share of yourself in profound and meaningful ways, you will be nurtured by creativity and connection, and gain insights that will never cease to surprise you.


In those classes you can expect to...

Expand your French vocabulary and knowledge

Be inspired by stimulating conversations

Converse in French with increased confidence

Create a collection of essays, memoirs, or poems

Deepen your French writing voice by exploring personal themes
Blossom in a warm and creative


Contact me for a free conversation to find out if those classes are what you are looking for. Je me réjouis de notre conversation.

Monthly sessions

$75 per person per weekly class
2 to 4 persons of similar level

Classes of 75, 90, and 105 minutes

In person in Oakland, CA only

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